About Ribera Healthcare Clinic

Welcome to Ribera Healthcare Clinic

The goal of our team at Ribera Healthcare Clinic is to provide comprehensive health care to people living in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and throughout Bernalillo County.

We have recently opened a second location, our Covid-19 Vaccination Center, just down the street from our original location. The COVID-19 Vaccination Center is conveniently located at 6271 Riverside Plaza N.W. Suite 112-B, just a short walk south of our original location. Our efficient and skilled team is here to serve our community and do our part in fighting the COVID-19 Virus.

At Ribera Healthcare Clinic, patients of all ages can access diagnosis and treatment for a variety of common ailments that affect both physical and mental health, including diabetes, arthritis, and clinical depression. The team offers telemedicine, and in-office appointments to serve patients based on up-to-date medical research, preventive screenings, and laboratory diagnostics.

The practice treats patients and their families, based on a commitment to well-being. They offer COVID-19 Vaccinations, sick visits, Hormone Replacement Therapy, Medical Weight Loss and so much more. By following a team-based approach that includes holistic treatments, including IV infusion therapy, annual physicals, and pain management, we strive to get you back to feeling your very best and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Ribera Healthcare Clinic is conveniently located and offers a warm, welcoming environment for its patients. The practice emphasizes customer service, ensuring prompt treatments, and short wait times in the reception room.

Using research-based evidence, clinical expertise, and each patient’s values and preferences, the caring team develops custom treatment plans that ease uncomfortable symptoms and improve quality of life. To schedule an appointment at Ribera Healthcare Clinic, call the office or book online today.